Rhino | Rhino Wipe Helps Make Pandemic Safer
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04 Jun Rhino Wipe Helps Make Pandemic Safer

CNN Underscored included the Rhino Wipes Tote System in their list of the best options for essential camping gear during this uncertain time in the 19 Products to help make camping safe during a pandemic article.

Industry expert Jay Frisard says: “Let’s face it. Camping and backpacking facilities aren’t exactly pristine and sterile environments. Pandemic or not, I always camp with sanitary wipes.”

Vacations and recreational activities will most definitely look a lot different for everyone this year, and it will be important to remain vigilant about eliminating germs from what you are touching. This article features tips from outdoor and health experts to help you take advantage of being able to safely camp while minimizing your risk of exposure.  With a little extra preparation and convenient products like Rhino Wipes, you can reduce some of the stress associated with having to take everything you need on your next camping trip or outdoor activity.

Rhino Wipes are perfect for all your favorite outdoor activities and for those times when you need to clean your hands or surfaces on go!  We have combined the world’s toughest wipe in a durable, refillable tote that attaches wherever you need them.  Keep one in every vehicle, in your camping gear, by the grill and anywhere you need to make cleanup easy and convenient.  The system comes with 75 dry wipes. Refills available on Amazon.